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Finally! Retirement Planning That Includes A Defensive tax Management Strategy
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The 13 Most OVERLOOKED Opportunities to MAXIMIZE Your Lifetime Retirement Benefits

TAX Planning is one of the key pillars of financial planning, yet it is typically ignored or overlooked during most retirement planning conversations. The crown jewel of the Get MORE Retirement® process is the inclusion of TAX Management strategies as part of our personalized comprehensive retirement plans design.

American’s now facing the combined threat of increased market volatility and higher future tax rates which could significantly reduce their available retirement benefits. With the massive subsidies and increases to our national debt, the government now warns of higher taxes for many Americans. These additional burdens demand a higher level of planning and management for your retirement wealth and to provide for your future financial security!


The 13 Most Overlooked Opportunities to Maximize your Lifetime Retirement Benefits.

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The Wealthkare retirement team

The WealthKare Team of advisors is trained to create uniquely designed plans for our clients using the Get MORE Retirement® process. For consumers who want to MAXIMIZE their lifetime retirement benefits, we utilize the powerful benefit of TAX Planning to create our TAX FREDOM™ solutions… [Read more]

Get MORE Retirement®

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The Get MORE Retirement® process is designed to provide consumers with a higher level of wealth planning and management- the type of planning used successfully for many years by wealthy families and individuals… [Read more]

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Bruce is host for the popular Get MORE Retirement® radio programs and podcasts, is seen weekly on a variety of television networks and has been profiled in Forbes®, Money®, Fortune® and Bloomberg Business® magazines. [Read more]

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Get MORE From Your 401(k)

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Without a management strategy, America’s #1 Retirement Vehicle is a potential wealth and tax trap. Our advanced planning and management strategies can help turn those pitfalls into opportunities to reduce your RISK exposure and REDUCE Your retirement TAXES. You can use many of these strategies even if you are younger than 59.5 years old… [Read more]

We wrote the BOOK on MAXIMIZING Your Retirement Benefits…

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Wealthy Americans manage their money differently and take advantage of multiple opportunities that are often overlooked or ignored by most people. The program includes the revolutionary TAX FREEDOM™ Distribution Strategy to help you wrestle control of your family’s financial future from the clutches of our government’s escalating tax rates

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Our team stands ready to help you understand and explore opportunities to help design a plan that is durable and cost efficient. With the expected future financial impact from the Covid-19 pandemic, this level of planning will become mandatory for families who want to maximize their retirement financial security. Now is the time to reach out and take action. [Read more]

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Since 1997, our team of professional advisors have been imagining, creating, and evolving a process to help open the opportunity for advanced planning to almost everyone! We have leveraged the best available technologies along with our knowledge and experience from working with high net-worth individuals to create a much more efficient and cost effective platform for your retirement planning! Our unique Get MORE Retirement® program provides an opportunity for consumers to upgrade and transform their Traditional Retirement Investment Planning to the higher-level benefits possible with a custom designed Wealth Management Retirement Program.

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