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It starts with a conversation to begin exploring opportunities to help Maximize YOUR Lifetime Retirement Benefits. At WealthKare, we have invested years developing our unique wealth management platform. We provide you with a higher level of investment management that is coupled with powerful, proven strategies to reduce the cost and impact of TAXES during your retirement lifetime. 

By harnessing the powerful combination of portfolio management with tax management, we often see significant increases in the resulting retirement wealth and income projections. Schedule your complimentary discovery call now so we can discuss and explore the best opportunities to help elevate your retirement security and dreams.

Bruce J. Smith III

Bruce J. Smith III is the Founder and President of The WealthKare Investment Centers. Mr. Smith, born in 1960, is the founding partner and dedicated to evolving the wealth planning and management processes for WealthKare clients. Mr. Smith studied Engineering at the University of South Carolina from 1978 to 1981 and served in the US Naval Nuclear Power Program aboard submarines from 1978 to 1984.

Bruce has served as vice-chairman for a national securities firm, is an Ed Slott Master Elite Advisor, Educator, Wealth Strategist, Media Personality, and an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author with his book Create Wealth, Retain Wealth (Source: Amazon Data 5/9/19). With his team, Mr. Smith has created his Get MORE Retirement® process to help consumers and his fellow advisors take advantage of a higher level of wealth planning and management.  He has spent over 35 years honing the skills, experience, knowledge and tools necessary to design unique personalized strategies for creating and retaining wealth that most advisors are not aware of or fail to consider.


The crown jewel of the Get MORE Retirement® process is the inclusion of TAX Management strategies as part of the comprehensive plans developed by his firm. While TAX Planning is one of the key pillars of financial planning, it is typically ignored or overlooked from most retirement planning conversations.


American’s now faces the combined threat of increased market volatility and higher future tax rates which could significantly reduce the available benefits from your retirement accounts. With the massive subsidies and increases in our national debt, the government warns of higher taxes for many Americans. These additional burdens demand a fresh and more comprehensive approach to plan and manage your wealth and future financial security! The Get MORE Retirement® process was developed to accomplish that exact goal!